How to Delete a Page in Word

How to Delete a Page in Word
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Microsoft Word is a versatile platform that enables users to generate and modify documents of various types. Although it is a highly practical application, occasions may arise when you wish to eliminate a page from your document. Whether it is because of an excess blank page or a particular page no longer needed due to document restructuring, deleting pages on Word is a crucial and straightforward process that all users should be acquainted with. In this article, we will talk about how to delete a page in word.

Steps to Delete a Single Page in Word

Deleting a single page in Word is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by using either the Backspace or Delete key or the Navigation Pane. Here’s how:

Option 1: Deleting a Page Using the Backspace or Delete Key

To delete the final page of your document, position your cursor at the conclusion of the content on the page and press either the Backspace or Delete key until the superfluous page vanishes.

Option 2: Deleting a Page Using the Navigation Pane

To erase a particular page in your document, navigate to the View tab and click on the Navigation Pane option. This will reveal the navigation pane on the left-hand side of your screen, displaying a miniature of each page in your document. Choose the page you wish to delete, and use the delete key on your keyboard to remove it.

Option 3: Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Delete Pages

To bypass using your mouse to navigate to the specific page you wish to erase, you can employ a keyboard shortcut to quickly access it. By pressing “Ctrl + G” on your keyboard, a dialog box will appear where you can enter the page number you wish to delete. After entering the desired page number, hit “Enter”, and you will be automatically directed to that page. To delete the whole page, press “Ctrl + Shift + Delete”.

How to Delete Multiple Pages in Word

To delete multiple pages in Word, you can use either the Navigation Pane or the Select and Delete method. Here’s how:

Option 1: Deleting Pages Using the Navigation Pane

Access the Navigation Pane and select the pages you wish to remove by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on each page. After selecting all the desired pages for deletion, press the delete key on your keyboard.

Option 2: Deleting Pages Using the Select and Delete Method

If you intend to delete a range of pages in your document, you may use the Select and Delete technique. Start by navigating to the beginning of the first page you want to delete and pressing the Shift key while clicking at the end of the final page. This will highlight the range of pages you wish to remove. Finally, use the delete key on your keyboard to eliminate them.

Troubleshooting Deletion Issues in Word

Occasionally, removing pages from a Word document may lead to complications such as the occurrence of error messages or the disappearance of essential pages. To resolve such issues, consider the following tips:

Error Messages When Trying to Delete Pages

In case you encounter an error message while attempting to delete a page, it may be helpful to eliminate any section breaks or page breaks that could be contributing to the problem. To achieve this, navigate to the Page Layout tab, click on Breaks, choose Remove Breaks, and then select the specific break that you wish to eliminate.

Missing Pages After Attempting to Delete

Suppose you notice that some of your pages have gone missing following an attempt to delete a page. In that case, you can try pressing Ctrl + Z to undo the deletion. If this approach is unsuccessful, verify that your document is configured to print all pages by accessing the File menu, selecting Print, and then choosing Print All Pages.

Recovering Deleted Pages in Word

Occasionally, deleting a page in Word becomes an essential part of the editing process. Nevertheless, unintended removals can occur, and it’s crucial to learn how to retrieve vanished pages. Here are two methods to restore deleted pages in Word:

Using the Undo Function to Recover Pages

To promptly retrieve a removed page, the swiftest approach is to utilize the Undo feature in Word. Just press “Ctrl + Z” on your keyboard or navigate to the “Edit” tab in the upper menu and opt for “Undo”. This will reverse the most recent action you executed in your file, encompassing the erasure of a page.

Using the Document Version History to Recover Pages

Suppose the Undo function fails to restore your deleted page. In that case, you can also utilize the Document Version History characteristic in Word. This attribute automatically saves versions of your document as you work, enabling you to roll back to a prior version if necessary. To reach the Document Version History, click on the “File” tab and pick “Info”. Then, select “Version History” and choose the document version you intend to revive.


Deleting pages in Microsoft Word is a crucial part of the editing process, but it can also result in errors. However, you can simplify the process by adopting best practices and utilizing helpful tips and shortcuts. For additional guidance on working with Word, please refer to Microsoft’s Word support page. We trust that this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to remove pages from your Microsoft Word document. To prevent any unforeseen modifications, always be attentive to the material you’re removing and the format of your text. By employing these techniques, you can proficiently delete pages in Word and ensure that your documents maintain a polished and organized appearance.


Can I delete a page without deleting its content?

Certainly, you can. While deleting a page in Word, you have two options: you can either erase the content and the page together or exclusively remove the page. To solely delete the page, you can highlight the content that you wish to retain, cut it, and then eliminate the page. Following that, you can paste the cut material back into your document.

Why can’t I delete a page in Word?

If you’re encountering difficulties deleting a page in Word, there could be various causes. One prevalent reason is that the page contains content anchored to it, such as a header or footer, an image or object, or a section break. Before deleting the page, you might have to locate and remove these elements. Another reason could be that your document has page breaks or section breaks that are obstructing you from eliminating a page. You may need to modify these breaks initially to eliminate the undesired page.

Is there a way to recover a deleted page in Word?

Absolutely, there are several methods to retrieve a deleted page in Word. If you haven’t closed your document yet, you can use the undo function (Ctrl + Z) to restore the removed page. If you’ve already saved your document, you can also utilize Word’s document version history to recover the deleted page. Additionally, you can search for the deleted page in your computer’s Recycle Bin or Trash folder, depending on your operating system.

Can I delete multiple pages in Word at once?

Certainly, it’s possible to delete several pages simultaneously in Word. The approach you adopt depends on the number of pages you intend to remove and their position in the document. There are various methods to accomplish this, such as utilizing the Navigation Pane to choose and erase pages or using the Select and Delete technique to highlight and eliminate multiple pages at once. The article provides further details on these methods.

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