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best free website builder
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In this article, we’ll explore the best free website builder for small businesses. First, let’s establish the concept of a website builder: it’s a tool that enables you to construct a website without the need for coding. This is made possible through a user-friendly visual editor that simplifies the process.

12 Best Free Website Builder


Number one on our list of best free website builder is WordPress. WordPress stands out as an exceptionally potent platform available to you. Through this platform, you gain the ability to design complimentary web pages, blogs, virtual stores, and beyond. What sets WordPress apart is its capacity to integrate extra capabilities via plugins. If you’re new to blogging, a blog offers a solid start, while for more intricate functionalities, turning to grants you the freedom for extensive customization.


Utilizing Blogger enables you to generate an endless number of cost-free blogs, which can also be monetized through Google Adsense advertisements. An appealing aspect of Blogger is its Google affiliation, providing certain SEO benefits. It’s important to note that while Blogger doesn’t permit extensive customizations, it serves as an excellent starting point, especially for niche blogs.


Wix stands out as a top-notch website builder. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process. Wix offers numerous templates and a variety of features that allow you to effortlessly craft websites, blogs, or online stores without any cost. Additionally, you have the option to start with Wix’s free hosting plan and upgrade as your needs grow.

Google sites

Yet another offering from Google, this product shines with its user-friendliness and suitability for beginners. I suggest considering it if you’re on a tight budget for website creation. While it may not match the prowess of a paid WordPress site, it equips you with all the essentials required to construct a website for your online business.


Yola stands as an outstanding platform, enabling you to craft a basic web page at no cost within its free plan. Yet, for a website with a more polished and professional appearance, upgrading to a paid account is necessary. This platform is ideal for small businesses entering the realm of online commerce. It’s worth noting that a drawback of the free account is the limitation to publish content on only 2 pages.


If your aim is to establish an educational blog, then this platform is tailor-made for you. This website builder proves highly effective for instructing students, engaging in discussions, or collaboratively working on projects within a student community. Best of all, it comes at absolutely no cost, ensuring you won’t incur any charges whatsoever.


This platform is among the oldest ones and is perfect for individuals aiming to build a website without the means to afford hosting expenses. Jimdo offers four plans: Play, Start, Grow, and Unlimited.


This platform provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Site123 enables you to establish a 100% cost-free website using a subdomain, facilitating the launch of your online business. The service includes pre-designed templates for time-saving convenience or the option to create a website from the ground up. It offers just two plans: the free plan and the premium plan.


An advanced platform boasting numerous integrable applications for your online venture. It serves as an excellent option when commencing your online business, particularly in scenarios demanding comprehensive operational management.


This application is exceptional. It’s downloadable on your PC, enabling effortless offline website construction tailored to your preferences. You can swiftly generate mobile-friendly, Google-compatible pages without any coding knowledge, all for free. What’s even better, Mobirise facilitates the creation of compact to moderate-sized web pages, portfolios, promotional sites, blogs, and beyond, imparting a polished and professional appearance to your websites.


A standout feature of Weblium is its smart design system, which dynamically refines your website’s visual appeal while you construct and modify your web pages. It seamlessly adapts to mobile devices, exhibiting stunning aesthetics across all screens. The noteworthy advantage of Weblium is the option to begin with a no-cost plan and later transition to a premium tier, offering enhanced features and advanced design capabilities at your discretion.


Wrapping up our compilation of top website builders for small businesses is Freehosting. Similar to the aforementioned platforms, you can craft your web pages without any cost. Through Freehosting, you have the ability to both construct and host your WordPress website or blog, with the only expense being the domain. In my view, a website established with WordPress provides manifold advantages, as Google tends to favor WordPress-created websites.

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